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Demonical Outcast is a creature in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


The origins of the Secluded Church are unknown to this date. However, the theories associated with the church took the shape of an obscure myth. The demonic-like figures sighted around the church are of unknown origin as well, but according to myth hunters, their cause could have been a dark history.

According to a legend, a monster is believed to wander the alley at the rear of the Secluded Church. It is rumored to appear in foggy weather and at extremely rare occasions. It is further theorized that the monster could have been outcasted by the church authorities in the past but the spirit of the monster inhabits the church alley and, as a result, the symbols and art on the walls of the church are an indication of its dark past. The monster's appearance is considered to be almost 7 feet tall, with chains around its head. It might also be quadriplegic at times.


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