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Demon Butcher is a myth and Easter egg in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


In the PS2 version of the game, a picture of Hilary Briss, also known as the Demon Butcher, is kept within the display area of Carnicero Romero. The Human Organs are a likely reference to Hilary Briss, as he was a character in the BBC comedy The League of Gentlemen, his secret food is shown to be highly immoral and secret, killing most of the population of town, a possible reference to the abandonment of the nearby Stygian Houses, also connecting with the neighboring Riverside Pavillion building. Hilary in the show says that his age spans oceans of time, this could be another reference that he has been operating in the city for many years and possibly hiding in one of the houses in Little Haiti, away from the public eye. Unlike his concealment of product in the show, the game mentions it clearly that the meat is Human Organs. It may also be possible that the Demon Butcher is indeed running both Human Organs and R. S. & L. Bows.


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