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Danny is a deranged psychotic killer in the movie Knife After Dark in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. He is largely based on Jason Voorhees from the famous slasher series Friday the 13th.


In 1986, Knife After Dark, a movie based on a killer at large, was released in Vice City. It was largely advertised in the city on the local radio. The story of the movie revolves around a disturbed boy on a killing spree in a small town that is down in tears when he is at large.


According to the film announcer, Danny was a simple boy when he asks a knife from an unknown friend. During this scene, Danny's unknown friend out of surprise mentions "Hockey Season." It is likely that Danny was wearing a hockey mask just like Jason from Friday the 13th movie series. It is assumed that Danny then kills his friend after he took the knife and wants to rampage around the town, sparking fear in the locals. The film announcer also states that Danny was cursed.

Danny's history is a reference to Jason, who was a simple boy until he was drowned by his bullies, only to become a psychotic murderer due to the trauma he experienced. Moreover, Danny was brought up in a small town, much like the small town of Crystal Lake from Friday the 13th.

Chainsaw Killer

Danny is said to be the Chainsaw Killer in disguise. It is also likely that the Chainsaw Killer is inspired by Danny's character from the movie. A dagger can be seen in the Ocean Drive Alleys, which is said to be a reference to Knife After Dark. A theory states that it could be a horrendous publicity stunt made by the directors of the movie to leave references around the city and let loose a killer just for monetary gains. This, however, has been debunked, though the knife could be a reference to the movie, as the existence of Chainsaw Killer has been turned down over the years.

Twilight Knife

Twilight Knife movie is rumored to feature Danny in an alternate, although Danny's name isn't explicitly mentioned in the film advertisement. The movie is assumed to be a part of the Knife film series based on Danny.

Unlike Knife After Dark, Twilight Knife is based on the tragedy of the Dawson's family living around a forest that inhabits a deranged murderer wearing a hockey mask and equipped with a knife, supposed to be Danny. In the advertisement, the killer murders a couple, assumed to be members of the Dawson's family in the forest. This is yet another reference to Friday the 13th when Jason's mother murders a couple in the forest out of rage and revenge in the forest of Crystal Lake.