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Jesco White, widely known as The Dancing Outlaw, is an Easter egg found in Grand Theft Auto V. He is an entertainer and mountain tap dancer. He is also the host of Rebel Radio.


The Dancing Outlaw can be found by the Alamo Sea docks on North Calafia Way at the southern foot of Mount Chiliad. He can be seen beside a small radio playing the song If You Wanna Get To Heaven by Ozark Meadow Daredevils; a song that plays on Rebel Radio. The song repeats after it ends. The dancer will not interact with the player. He can be killed. 



  • If Jesco is killed in free-roam, he can still be heard on Rebel Radio.
  • Jesco dancing animation is not affected by slow motion. (I.e Using special abilities or opening the weapon wheel) If slow motion is triggered, his dancing animation will still play at normal speed.