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For the myth in GTA Vice City, see Crocodiles (GTA Vice City).

Crocodiles are a false myth in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


The origins of the myth date back to the famous crocodile and alligator myth nexus in Vice City and Liberty City. Due to the mystery relating to the well-established myth in multiple universes, it was introduced in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas by the YouTuber ulown00b.[1] During his investigation he sighted what he claimed to be a crocodilian tail at Playa Del Seville in Los Santos, however, the tail soon disappeared. The myth hunter also searched for this myth at various famous mythical locations including Esplanade North and Back O' Beyond. According to the myth hunter, Esplanade North is a good place for crocodiles because of its snaking rock formation that contains a strange green wall and water. It is theorized that Ghost Lake located in Back O' Beyond could also be a decent home for crocodiles because it is very dirty. However, upon technical analysis of the myth, it can be assumed that the tail sighted was merely a part of the bushes disappearing due to draw distance functionality, and crocodiles just simply can't spawn, because they aren't found in the games internal codes or files.