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Cris Formage is the founder and leader of the Epsilon Program, in both Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Grand Theft Auto V.


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas[]

In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, he is interviewed on the Entertaining America radio show. On the show, he openly denies that the Epsilon Program is a cult, describing it as "a fellowship of like-minded adults, who tithe money in exchange for salvation and merit badges". He also claims to have been formed by two eggs, laid out by twin parents.

Grand Theft Auto V[]

In Grand Theft Auto V, Cris Formage and the Epsilon Program, are mentioned on the radio. Before the events of the game, the Epsilon Program was rejected their tax-exempt status, and Cris was found crying harshly after the announcement. Thanks to taxation, the cult now funnels large sums of money, called apocalypse funds, into the tax haven of the Cayman Islands.

Cris has a rivalry with Darius Fontaine, a critic of cults, who later forms the Children of the Mountain group in GTA V. In GTA SA, he calls Fontaine the devil. At the end of the interview, show host Lazlow describes Formage as an "alcoholic turned self-deifying cultist".

Later on, after the player has finished multiple missions in The Truth strand, Cris calls the player, during Exercising the Truth, and tells the player that he's very interested in his progress. After completing this mission, Cris personally calls Michael to the Epsilon Program Headquarters to deliver apocalypse funds to the Cayman Islands via helicopter. The player can either choose to steal the money for himself or give it to the Cult for a reward. If the player steals the money, Formage will threaten them via text, but never makes another physical appearance in Story Mode. The player can still continue the mission set, as only Formage will be angered towards the player. Judging by the mission's gold awards, stealing the money is the canon choice.

Grand Theft Auto Online[]

In Grand Theft Auto Online, it is revealed that Cris Formage is, in fact, an actual higher being, and that the Epsilon Program is not a hoax. Cris Formage visits the player after their first death to inform them of the ways of passive observation, so they can play GTA Online without being killed by other players.


  • Cris Formage is voiced by Fred Melamed, who, in one of his mail interviews, disclosed that Lazlow worked with him to further improvise the character of Cris Formage.
  • In GTA V According to Cris Formage after the mission "Unknowing The Truth" If Michael chose to steal the money back which is a requirement for the gold medal in the game. He has the ability to "make or break Vinewood careers." In the video of Ned Luke's official Twitter page @ned_luke who is the voice actor of Michael showed himself wearing a Cluckin Bell uniform. It may not or may be a possible tease that Michael may return to GTA Online as a Cluckin Bell employee after his career as a producer got broken because of betraying of Cris Formage.



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