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For the location in GTA San Andreas, see Creepy House (GTA San Andreas).

The Creepy House is a mythical location in Grand Theft Auto V.


The Creepy House is located on the dirt trail in the town of Harmony. The building appears to be totally abandoned, as no pedestrians or vehicles can be seen around the area. The house has a very sinister appearance, as the canopy has been completely destroyed, the house itself is charred black and there are chunks taken out of the already deformed structure, all the doors and windows have been sealed off with wooden planks, and there are burnt out car wrecks around the house. Trash is littered throughout the area and various props are soggy due to constant exposure to rain. The house isn't featured at all in the campaign. Also, the interior of the house is not accessible, but there is an open room at the back of the house. The sole accessible room is barren, and a lot of the paint has been chipped off the walls.


The Creepy House was subject to a few small investigations after the game's release in 2013, though it remained a lesser-known location.[1] Later, the location was popularized when YouTube user DarkMythHunter published a video theorizing that ghosts could spawn at the house, although he never found anything.[2] Since the release of that video, there have been many reported encounters with ghosts at the house. The main rumor is that the player can hear shrieking sounds when standing in the back room, with players claiming that it belongs to someone who was murdered at the house, but this has never been proven. Some of the chipped paint textures in the room resemble skulls and faces, but this could be a case of simple pareidolia.

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