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For the location in GTA V, see Creepy House (GTA V).

The Creepy House is a mythical location in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. It is located just west of the Mulholland Intersection and south of the main road leading to Red County.


The house is a large wooden building with very few windows. It has a large water tank situated next to it. The house is based on the real-life House of Blues in Los Angeles, California.

Even though the house is clearly inspired by the House of Blues, players who don't know that may mistake the house for a haunted building or a secret Easter egg. Nevertheless, the building certainly looks strange because of its location in the rich and affluent district of Mulholland. The entire house is made out of rusted scrap metal, in contrast with all of the large modern apartment buildings and businesses around it. For this reason, it seems out of place in Los Santos.

The house can't be entered, and it never plays any role in the storyline whatsoever. There are rumors that there are bloodstains on the front deck of the house. There have been reports that Pyramid Head resides in it, but it's false because the myth itself is false. Additionally, the house is closely associated with Leatherface, as the house looks very similar to the cannibal home in the movie The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

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  • The House of Blues, which was the building the Creepy House was inspired by, was condemned for demolition in August 2015. It has since been demolished.

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