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The Counterfeiting Syndicate is a secretive criminal organization working to promote the trade of illegal plates in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. The Counterfeiting Syndicate is subject to few crime myths.


The Counterfeiting Syndicate basically helps the process of illegal plate trading in Vice City through their internal city nexus that is assisted and introduced by the Chartered Libertine Company’s shady transportation of plates into the city with the help of the Vice City Triads. Due to this fact, myth hunters believe that the Counterfeiting Syndicate is also a part of Vice City Port Authority’s crime nexus in the city but this indirect relation isn’t confirmed and could be far fetched. Other myths interlink The Lost Girl from Washington Beach that is said to be a spy of the Counterfeiting Syndicate.

It is rumored that an unused basement interior featuring counterfeit money machines in Little Haiti suggests that Rockstar planned to further the syndicate's storyline and explain how they operate within the city and develop their own plates. However, this was scrapped and didn't make it to the final version.