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Count Orlok is a myth in Grand Theft Auto IV.


In Grand Theft Auto IV, a vampire named Ravenvamp11 mentions that she is Octavia Dark Countess of Nosferatu and was formerly known as Debbie of 1643 Transylvania. Nosferatu is the name of a 1922 German movie based on Bram Stoker's famous novel. Nosferatu was an unauthorized version, meaning everything was based on the novel but with changes to avoid copyright infringement. Major changes include the transition of Count Dracula to Count Orlok. The references help in determining the origins of Vampire in Liberty City. Unlike Vice City, which references Bela Lugosi's version of Dracula, Vampires in Liberty City follow a different lead, that of Count Orlok. The Vampire Grave is said to Count Orlok's crypt and he is said to lurk in cemeteries and parks at night, transforming people into vampires. Even though there references and followers such as Dunkan The Morbid and Ravenvamp11, Count Orlok still doesn't physically exist in the game.


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