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The Colony Island Killer is an unlikely myth in Grand Theft Auto IV.


All of the reports of the killer come from the Colony Island Cemetery, even if other mysterious locations exist on the island. Most encounters take place behind the lighthouse and inside a grove near the main cemetery.

Encounters with the killer are few and far between, but it is believed that he does not use a specific character model, and can appear as any generic pedestrian.

There is a small amount of evidence that points towards the killer's existence, beyond players' rumors. Behind the lighthouse is an out-of-place baseball bat, the supposed murder weapon used in these serial slayings. Additionally, unusual pedestrian behavior can be observed in the area. About once per day, a frenzied pedestrian can be seen fleeing from an unknown threat, which may indeed be the killer. Also, pedestrians have map nodes that allow them to walk into the bushes and trees, with some of them also crouching down as if they are trying to be hidden. This is a faux pas at a sacred place like a cemetery, so fans say that these were added so the killer can remain in hiding.

Despite it all, encounters of the Colony Island Killer are incredibly rare, and many of the ones documented on the internet have been lost to time. Because of the difficulty in gathering information, the killer is unlikely to exist.