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For the Chucky myth in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, see Chucky (GTA SA).

Chucky is an unlikely myth in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


Chucky is based on the 1988 cult horror movie, Child's Play. The plot of Child's Play revolves around a Charles Ray, a notorious serial killer who was transformed into a living toy doll following the events of the movie. Such a cursed toy doll is said to exist in the universe of Vice City.

It is rumored that Charles Lee did exist in Vice City at a point, since the movie is based in the 1980s and following his murder. He could've been transformed into a cursed toy doll through Haitian Voodoo Ritual, as in the movie, by a local Voodoo priest, Auntie Poulet. The Voodoo dolls in the game are said to be hint towards Chucky's cursed doll. Chucky's toy box is said to be sighted in the alley besides Hotel Harrison.

Several modifications and horror documentaries, regarding Chucky's existence in GTA Vice City, can also be found on YouTube.[1]

However, upon technical analysis of the myth, it could be possible that there are certain undiscovered Easter eggs left by Rockstar to reference Chucky's cult following in 1980s, but it is highly unlikely for such a killer doll to exist in the game, thus making the myth unlikely.



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