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For the Chucky myth in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, see Chucky (GTA VC)

Chucky is a popular false myth in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. This myth is based on the cult movie series Child's Play, which features the possessed doll known as "Chucky".


Since the release of the game, numerous players have reported to encounter Chucky. Players claim that Chucky possesses a horrifying and hostile behavior. These sightings are most notably reported on Grove Street. Several players have proclaimed that Chucky chases them at a furious speed, equipped with a knife in its hand, posing a threat to the players. However, these encounters are a result of several modifications and thus, the myth is considered as fallacious.

Video Investigation

GTA San Andreas Myth Mod -04- Chucky german

GTA San Andreas Myth Mod -04- Chucky german

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