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For the myth in other GTA games, see Children.

Children are prepubescent humans that wander the streets with adults. They were supposed to appear in every Grand Theft Auto.


In a pre-release screenshot of GTA V, an elementary school was shown, called the Los Santos Elementary. This led players to believe that children were going to be featured in GTA V. However, children do not appear in the final version of GTA V (with the exception of Michael's children.) The school does. Like in past GTA games, children are only featured in radio shows, advertisements and in GTA V's case, the Internet.

On the website "" if the player clicks on the "Play God" link, it will take them to a slideshow. This slideshow includes a family of 4 people and a dog. Two members of this family look to be children, one looks to be a teenage boy and the other is a little girl.

Michael de Santa's house contains photographs of his family through the years, including childhood images of Tracey and Jimmy. Franklin Clinton can be seen as a boy in pictures at the Clinton residence.

A wreck of a school bus can be found at Stab City.

Children's playgrounds can be found throughout Los Santos, such as in Broker Park and an unnamed park on North Sheldon Avenue.

On the mission Fire it Up on the new Grand Theft Auto Online: The Contract update, and in the ending scene, Franklin claimed that he has kids inside his house on Vinewood Hills.