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For the myth in other GTA games, see Children.

Children are prepubescent humans that wander the streets with adults. They were supposed to appear in every Grand Theft Auto.


In GTA San Andreas, if a player drives near a certain pedestrian at high speed, they can hear a "MOMMY!" scream coming from her. This might either mean that Rockstar wanted to include children in GTA San Andreas or just set up the civilian to react that way, possibly as an Easter egg. In Ammu-Nations there is a signboard about children.

Inside Old Reece's barber in Ganton, Los Santos, there is a photo, which consists of three people. A tall person who looks like a male, a medium-high person who looks like a female and the shortest, who looks like a girl child. The photo is located on the window in the barber store. It can be easily seen when the player is exiting the barber store.


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