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For the myth in other GTA games, see Children.

Children are prepubescent humans that wander the streets with adults. They were supposed to appear in every Grand Theft Auto.


It has been confirmed that the beta version of GTA III had children, as well as drivable school buses, but they were removed in the final version due to controversies that may have arisen from having children in a violent video game.

Various pre-release screenshots of GTA III show school buses driving on the streets of Liberty City. The school buses came complete with light-adorned rears and a bright yellow paint job. However, these school buses were omitted from the final version of the game. No children were ever physically seen in any pre-release screenshots or artwork for the game, and there is no trace of any children NPC models in the game's files.

In the final version of GTA III, there are several clues that support the existence of children in the beta version. There are wrecks of school buses around 8-Ball's compound and near the Harwood Car Crusher. The same exact bus wreck model continued to appear in later games, including GTA Vice City (inside the Hyman Memorial Stadium during Dirtring, and in Little Haiti and Little Havana) , GTA San Andreas (in Blackfield Stadium during Kickstart), and GTA Liberty City Stories (The same locations as in GTA III).