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Chartered Libertine Lines is a mega shipping company in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, largely operating during the 1980s, despite facing major drawbacks.


Chartered Libertine Lines operates in Vice City, affiliated with the Vice City Port Authority and its central office at Vice Port. Several ships are docked in Vice Port, owned by the Lines, containing mega amount of containers featuring goods and illegal plates, as evident from the main storyline. It is assumed that the Lines may be a reference to the TransAtlantique.

Vice City Mafia

Due to Vice City Triads running the company, it is involved in shady works around the city, having ties with Counterfeiting Syndicates, as the company transports illegal plates for the respective gangs. These works were first told to Tommy Vercetti by Kent Paul, making players to believe in the fact that Kent Paul, who is involved in the Vice City Mafia, may be bridging relations between these crime syndicates and that Kent may know much more secretive information about the Lines.


In the world of myth hunting, Chartered Libertine Lines is mainly known for its shipwrecks deep in the waters of Vice City, destructed and sunken by unknown circumstances, some have speculated that they may be a victim of violent hurricanes while some have claimed that this is largely due to Sea Monster attacks, but the original cause of these wrecks has never been revealed. It was also rumored that the shipwrecks are home to the Sea Monster, but internal file searches demonstrated this to be inaccurate, as the wrecks are internally hollow. The wreck north to the North Point Mall is rumored to be guarded by the Submarine nearby, but this is one of the many vague stories that were neither proved nor discarded.

Easter Egg Sign

In GTA Vice City Stories, if the player swims under the boat, they can find a sign saying "Nothing to see here", in the PS2 version the sign says "I wasn't joking, there really is nothing to see here, go and look in the VCN building instead.", this is because the PS2 version was released a few months after the PSP release, the message suggests that the player should look in the VCN building instead to see the Easter egg in there.