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Charles Manson is a myth and an Easter egg in Grand Theft Auto V.


In Vinewood Hills, there is graffiti on a brick wall that reads 1807, as well as an arrow pointing to a house.

This is a reference to career criminal Charlie Manson. The 18 and the arrow represents the house he shared with 18 other women that were a part of the group he led, The Manson Family. The 07 represents Manson's kill count of 7 people. This is simply an Easter egg referencing the Manson family, however, its discovery sparked a frenzy of rumors within the GTA community about whether or not Rockstar might have included another Charles Manson Easter egg in the game. Players have theorized that there is a pedestrian in the game, which bears a close resemblance to him, but these rumors are unlikely.

Other Explanation

Players theorize that the arrow may not be a reference to Manson. It could be pointing to another location, going southwest. If that is the case, the 1807 could indicate a time, which is 18:07 or 6:07 PM.


  • The house in game looks very much like his real house where he was arrested.


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