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For the myth in GTA San Andreas, see Leatherface.

The Chainsaw Killer, also known as the Apartment 3C Killer, is a prominent and an unlikely myth in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City


The myth took off when a user claimed to have heard chainsaw noises in the large alleyways found in the secluded areas of Washington Beach. Investigations regarding the claim led to some evidence being found. It is plausible that the Chainsaw Killer is hiding in Vice City's isolated alleys. Several minor sightings have also been reported at the Abandoned Park.

Knife After Dark

Another conceivable piece of evidence is a dagger that can be found in the same alleyway where the noises were recorded. The dagger could have been used by the killer. The horror film Knife After Dark is also based on a psychotic teenager who goes on a killing spree in the dark with his knife. This dagger and the rumored killer in the alley are a likely reference to the movie.

Apartment 3C

The Chainsaw Killer is likely involved in the Apartment 3C massacre. Apartment 3C's existence serves as more evidence that the killer is still out there. The description of the chainsaw in Rockstar's website about GTA Vice City, mentions that the chainsaw can cut through bones. This is a likely hint towards the massacre.

Video Investigations

Analysis Conclusion
A strange chainsaw noise can be heard in the following video investigation. It is one of the pieces of evidence supporting the possibilities

of the Chainsaw Killer in Vice City. Initially, players disregarded it, identifying it as a pedestrian riding a motorcycle, either PCJ-600 or Sanchez. However, further analysis of the video’s sound file was conducted and a comparison was made between PCJ-600 and a chainsaw. It was discovered that the sound heard in the video had to be pitched up to 9 semitones, almost a whole octave, to match the note of PCJ-600, making the bike highly unlikely to be the source of the sound. The Sanchez was not tested as its sound is of an even higher pitch than that of PCJ-600, effectively eliminating it too as the source of the sound. Interestingly, the sound heard in the video did not require any pitching modifications to match the note of the chainsaw. Players have been unable to dispute this evidence, adding serious weight to the validity of this myth.

The sound was later found out to be that of a Sanchez from a considerable distance, bringing an end to the legacy of the myth.
Some odd pig grunts can be heard in the following video evidence, players have theorized that it's a reference to Manhunt's Piggsy, with some claiming that the Chainsaw Killer is in fact Piggsy. This could be plausible as Rockstar is known for hinting at its future games prior to their release. Later demonstrations revealed that the sound was from the background ambiance sounds, abandoning the rumor as false.
A few years after the release of the game, players reported to have seen a peculiar face on the wall in the same alleyway, supposedly the location of the Chainsaw Killer, these textures depict an unusual face. Players have postulated that these faces, occurring at regular intervals are depicting the appearance of the killer. It could also be a random texture, but this isn't revealed yet. Still unknown.