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The Cecil Hotel is a mythical location and an Easter egg in Grand Theft Auto V. It is popular due to its strange occurrences, as well due to it being a home for several serial killers, leading to people believing its haunted.


Located in Los Angeles, Cecil Hotel was built in 1924, by William Banks Hanner and cost 1 million dollars, it was a popular hotel but in its later years, the area around the hotel became more poor, and more criminals were settling in, diminishing the hotel's reputation, leading to its rumor of being haunted.

In Grand Theft Auto V, The southern Templar Hotel in Los Santos, in part resembles the Cecil Hotel, the entrance and the side of the building look similar to both the entrance and side of the Cecil Hotel, with both the back-sides with neutral colored bricks painted with room rates and advertisement in red and white paint. The vertical marquee signs on the entrance are similar, with the only difference being in the Cecil Hotel they are red, while in GTA V they are blue. Both buildings feature a similar water tower.


The Hotel was a place of residence for serial killer Richard Ramirez, who was known as the Night Stalker. Ramirez was known for breaking into homes and killing people while they slept. Another famous resident of the Cecil Hotel was Elisa Lam, who was captured on the hotel cameras behaving strangely, and later died in a water tank on top of the hotel, she was seen on the video talking and hiding from someone, even though no one was there. She was found in a water tank, when guests reported the water tasting strange, the death was ruled an accident, but some people believe she was murdered. The Water Tank on the southern Templar Hotel also resembles the one on Cecil Hotel. Elizabeth Short, famously known as The Black Dahlia, also resided at the Cecil Hotel before she was murdered. Leonora Johnson, the GTA equivalent of Black Dahlia may have resided there.

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