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Catalina's Cabin, also known as Catalina's Hideout, is a small shanty and a mythical location in Fern Ridge, Red County.


The Cabin overlooks the town of Dillimore, lying inconspicuously hidden among trees, sheltered by a tall ridge at the rear of the property. Animal skins and wheel hubcaps hang from the roof of the porch, bullet holes pepper the windows and a rusted Walton sits in front of the make-shift car shelter. On the front porch of the property are quite prominent bloodstains, which bear striking resemblance to those found at The Panopticon. Catalina's Buffalo will sometimes spawn to the right of the house.

To the left of the house lie 3 graves and a shovel weapon pickup, implying Catalina killed the three husbands she claims to have had and buried them by her house.

The cabin is located in a Bigfoot hotspot and some players have reported seeing ghosts around the cabin, but there has yet to be conclusive evidence for this claim.

After the mission King in Exile, the cabin serves as a Save Point.

The house cannot be entered and is never seen, even in cutscenes, which is odd. No version of her house's interior has been found as of yet.

As of the rusted Walton, it is theorized that it was the previous car that Catalina owned before the Buffalo.


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