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Carmen Winstead is a false myth in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


Carmen Winstead myth is based on an old internet legend, possible dating before GTA Vice City's release. According to the legend, Carmen Winstead was a victim of bullying in her school, being targeted by a group of bullies who made her life a living hell. On a normal fire drill day, the entire school went into the courtyard of the school, Carmen stood in the corner of the courtyard near a manhole, the group of bullies taking advantage of the crowd and noise, pushed Carmen down the sewer. The murder of Carmen became the news but the culprits were never caught. This legend has sparked many more regarding the tales of Carmen Winstead and her revenge. It has been rumored that Carmen haunts the isolated manhole of Washington Beach alleyways. Another tale speaks that when the player tries to approach the manhole, green fog or mist plagues the entire alley but technical investigations completely eradicated the possibilities of Carmen Winstead's existence.


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