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For the myth in other GTA games, see Car Wrecks.

Car Wrecks are mythical vehicles found in Grand Theft Auto V.


The wreck of a PCJ-600 in GTA V can be found next to Lamar's house on Forum Drive, Strawberry. A bus wreck appears in the Los Santos Storm Drain, the Murrieta Oil Field Car Scrapyard in El Burro Heights, Rogers Salvage & Scrap in La Puerta and Sandy Shores Airfield. The model of this wreck is exactly the same as the wrecked buses feature in Max Payne 3, a game also developed by Rockstar Games. It resembles a Wright Eclipse metropolitan transportation bus.



  • In Stab City, there is a tow truck wreckage with a California license plate. California is the state that San Andreas is based on, with Los Angeles being the inspiration for Los Santos.