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For the myth in GTA Vice City, see Car Grave (GTA Vice City).

The Car Grave is a proven myth in Grand Theft Auto IV. It is similar to another myth of the same name found within Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


The Car Grave refers to the crash site of several cars in southern Beachgate. At the end of Shinnecock Avenue lies a smashed traffic barrier with multiple traffic cones cordoning off the area in front of it. The land behind the barrier drops off into the sea and also directly onto a rock formation, atop which lies the burned out, rusting wreckage of two known cars, a Voodoo and a Merit.


It was originally suggested that the crash site was simply intended to be a comedic Easter egg, parodying incompetent or intoxicated drivers, but others were quick to notice the cars had no doors, indicating an explosion. An interesting part is, that the cars are from two different time eras and are usually found in completely different parts of Broker, which adds to the mystery. An alternative theory players first suggested involved a failed assassination attempt of Mikhail Faustin, as many noted his house was nearby. Others were just as quick to point the finger at Faustin himself, accusing him of murdering the vehicles owners and disposing the cars off the cliff. A few suggested a broader responsible party, the Mafia, highlighting the way in which the vehicles were disposed reflected a real-life execution technique used by the Mafia, involving drowning people whilst in their cars.

The most widely accepted theory is that Rockstar included the Car Grave to reinforce the area's criminal atmosphere and is most likely the result of a simple car crash or a police chase.


  • A street criminal running from police will sometimes jump down onto the Car Grave in an attempt to evade them.