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Cape Catfish is a mythical location in Grand Theft Auto V.


Cape Catfish is the name given to a small fishing village and the surrounding area. The town is unassuming, consisting of a few New England style homes near a wharf. The wilderness in the rest of the area is the typical coastal geography that appears throughout the whole game world of GTA V. The area is rocky with lots of raised plateaus and steep outcroppings. Bridges and trestles are not uncommon. Occasionally, there is a house or abandoned building on the road going through. The isolation and overall creepy feeling often makes players' imaginations run wild.


This area is well known for its sightings of the mythical Goatman. This is because many of the areas in Cape Catfish replicate real world locations, including a bridge in Texas and a trestle in Kentucky. It is rare to see even more than one pedestrian every few minutes on this route, causing uneasy feelings and sightings out of the corner of eyes.



The area is a home to a few myths: