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The Candyman is a false myth in Grand Theft Auto IV.


The Candyman, as reported by the residents of Vespucci Circus, is a stalker that haunts the locals of the region. He roams around dark alleys and preys on helpless victims. He's mostly reported around Governor Greg Johnson Projects, both inside the apartments and within the surroundings. Locals claim to have seen horror unfold inside the apartment and some have suggested that the Candyman may be Dwayne Forge himself, but this Candyman myth can be associated with the thought of urban myths attached to mucky and sophisticated apartments. These sightings also make waves along the edges of Xenotime Street and its border with Vespucci Circus and with the Vespucci Circus LTA. Copious YouTubers have faked their encounter with the Candyman, as none has ever been able to collect technical evidence regarding the existence of the Candyman.