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CWMYHB1, known by many nicknames, is a pedestrian in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


CWMYHB1 is a pedestrian who can be found in wooded rural areas like Red County, Flint County, and Whetstone. Like other pedestrians in the area, he is depicted as poor and uneducated. CWMYHB1 has a shaved head, deformed face, and walks around wearing only a raggedy pair of paints held up by a rope. He also chews a piece of grain from his mouth. Because of the pedestrian's bizarre appearance, it has been linked to several myths in the game, including Leatherface and Zombies.


The ped's name in the game's code is CWMYHB1, or "Country White Male Young Hillbilly". However, in the game's community, the pedestrian is known by several names, some of which are references to the game's myths. These include the bald redneck, the Zombie ped, and Leatherface.

Link to myths

The bald redneck has been a center point for myth hunters ever since the game's release. The pedestrian's ugly appearance and strange voice lines were the main origins of the rumors.

The main myth linked to the pedestrian is Leatherface. In the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre films, Leatherface is depicted as a deformed hillbilly, drawing many comparisons between the killer and the pedestrian. Several hoax images and fan-made modifications for the game use the pedestrian to represent the chainsaw killer in GTA San Andreas.

Another theory says that the ped is linked to Piggsy, a killer from Manhunt, a game released a year before GTA San Andreas. The bald redneck has lines such as "Watch it, piggy." This has often been misheard as "Piggsy" by players, and over time was considered a piece of evidence towards the myth's existence.

The ped is also tied into the zombies myth. The pedestrian is skinny and walks with a hunched back, giving it a morbid appearance. Players nicknamed him the "Zombie ped", and appears as part of the horde in several zombie mods, often with a modified texture to add blood and gore. Other images show the pedestrian in front of the open casket at Drive Thru Confessions.