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The CJ Shaped Target is an Easter egg found in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. It can be found in any Ammu-Nation store across San Andreas that has a shooting range.


A comparison between the promotional image and the target.

Inside Ammu-Nation's interior, some flat, life-size human targets can be found in the shape of Carl Johnson, with some bear targets along with it. It can be found standing upright inside the store's interior by a wall, near the entrance to the shooting range challenges in the Ammu-Nation in Downtown Los Santos, and where the player exits the shooting in the other Ammu-Nations. In it, CJ is wearing a black sun hat, which can be bought from ZIP, and is dual-wielding TEC-9 sub-machine guns. He is not wearing any shirt and appears to have max muscle stats with no fat. 

He has all the tattoos that can be bought from the tattoo parlors in Idlewood and Willowfield. The target photo was ripped from a piece of promotional artwork that shows him in front of the Virgin Mary graffiti in Playa del Seville.

The target serves as a simple Easter egg to players. It cannot be shot at without triggering an aggressive response from the Ammu-Nation clerk. It unintentionally shows a sign of the beta version of CJ. This can be seen, because of the way he is walking. If observed carefully, CJ uses the "gangster" walking animation in the screenshot, but in-game he uses the regular walking animation. This implies that CJ used a different animation sometime before the game was released.


  • The promotional artwork, from which CJ's image is taken, appears on the book Surveillance, which can be found in Lester's house in GTA V.


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