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For the myth in GTA IV, see CJ's Ghost (GTA IV).

CJ's Ghost is a false myth in Grand Theft Auto V.


During the mission Hood Safari, while the player approaches Grove Street, three men can be seen riding their bikes in the opposite direction. The first two men bear a strong resemblance to Carl Johnson and Big Smoke. The third biker is disputed, with fans saying he appears to be either Ryder or Sweet. This detail is a recreation of a scene from the first mission in GTA San Andreas, Big Smoke, where the protagonists escape from the Ballas using BMX bikes. Also, pedestrians can be heard saying "What's good, CJ?" or "Hey CJ", while talking on the phone. However, this could be just another person with the same initials. The player may occasionally see a pedestrian on the street that resembles CJ's default look from GTA San Andreas.

The fact that Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas have different universes makes this myth false. The image seen in the infobox is simply a modification of CJ.