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The Butcher is an unlikely myth in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


The myth arose when a famous YouTube myth hunter, ulown00b formulated a theory about a strange hot dog vendor.[1] The hot dog vendor is located all around the state of San Andreas, but he is primarily found in Bone County. According to the theory, the vendor is, in fact, a butcher that sells hot dogs to conceal his actual identity from the authorities. The name of the alleged butcher is "Alex", the myth hunter further adds that the text on his van that reads "1 Foot of Pure Meat" is actually a sign of his crimes. There are numerous similar vendors that have been said to be employees of the butcher.

The Butcher is also rumored to be Leatherface, as various hoaxed photographs on the internet showcase the butcher, or a modified version of his skin, appearing in areas like The Panopticon.

GTA Vice City

The myth has been interconnected with Funeraria Romero in GTA Vice City, who was the prime source of meat in the city but at the same time sold illegal human organs and ran restaurants that allegedly had human meat used in their food. It can be assumed that the hot dog vendor smuggles the meat from Funeraria Romero or could be an offshoot of the Romeros in San Andreas. However, it is most likely not true due to lack of evidence.