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Bruno Hauptmann is an Easter egg in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

History and Easter Egg

Bruno Hauptmann is an infamous criminal from the early 19th century. He was also considered as the most hated person at the time. He was sentenced to death for the abduction of American authors Anne Spencer Morrow and Charles Lindbergh's son. Bruno kidnapped them and then murdered them in 1936.

One of the portraits features the newspaper headlining Bruno Must Die, in the newspaper Daily News (Daily News was a real-life newspaper, one of the most active newspapers regarding the case of Bruno Hauptmann.) This is a reference to the day Bruno received a death sentence, featured in the newspaper Tuscaloosa News on January 12th, 1936. Bruno Hauptmann can be seen tied to an electric chair in the newspaper kept at Marco's Bistro. This is an Easter egg to the real-life trial of Bruno Hauptmann when he was tied to an electric chair to death. It can be another hint to the interests of the Forelli Family.