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Do you guys know ANYTHING about the Rockstar Editor? I suggest you do your research and stop trying to undermind me. The arrow above his head is ME - It indicates that I am pointing the camera at ME, the picture was taken to prove this is a GTA Online pedestrians. I already stated I replicated this scenario, I am on my own, I dressed my own character up, headed to the location, recorded myself stood in/near the bushes, and took pictures, merely to explain that dressing up as the heist outfit with the full face mask looks identical to this "goatman" in the picture.

GTA Online restricts animals/anything else spawning, only pedestrians. The road here doesn't even have any ped cycle options, so nobody would spawn here. And no, things don't magically "happen". The flashlight, weapon wheel colors, etc, prove this is GTA Online, but why did he go in first person AND remove the radar? to hide the fact its online? isn't that a little bit suspcious. He hid the radar to avoid the video capturing the other player (that is acting as goatman) on the radar, pretty obvious isn't it? 

Face it, this is completely disproven. Move on. 

Additional notes: An arrow in GTA Online would only appear above the player if the player has "Gamertags" ON in the options menu, and if the HUD was also on. Neither were on, hence ammo wasn't displaying, the location/vehicle/etc name didn't display. 

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