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So today I've been looking through some ymap data which pretty much defines every single thing that spawns in the entire game. I was quite interested to see all the different spawn positions vehicles have when it comes to random scenarios, cars driving in and out of houses, police cars patrolling specific areas, planes taking off and landing...but then I had this thought, "what about this alleged goatman theory?". So I got myself over to the area where this creature was supposedly sighted and wow, you won't believe what I found!


Absolutely nothing. In terms of scenarios, a bicyclist might cycle up the road back towards mainland (WORLD_VEHICLE_BICYCLE_ROAD: : 07:00 - 15:00), and a station wagon of any random type may spawn driving towards the end of the road where the boatyard is (DRIVE: CARS_STATION_WAGON: 15:00 - 22:00). Some rabbits spawn on the hill just up from the bridge (WORLD_RABBIT_EATING: ANIMAL_RABBIT: 00:00 - 24:00), and...that's it.

But I hear you, "what if it is a path", actually that's a lie, because you probably won't know what that is. A path is basically where things are allowed to freely roam. So lets say goatman allegedly spawns somewhere else and then proceeded to this location where he is apparently in the photograph. Okay, so lets look at paths shall we.


In this entire area, there's literally only one path and that's path 822.0. This path basically allows any car that has exited/canceled/been disturbed from its scenario to drive down here randomly. It's not a walking path either, so nothing can just walk around this area.

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