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Blueberry is a small rural town located in central Red County in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


Blueberry is one of the most mysterious settlements in San Andreas. It is thought to be named after the Blueberry Acres farm, which lies to the west of the town. Blueberry is situated very near to the exact center of the map and is thought to have once served as a major hub for the trucking industry in Red County.

Blueberry appears to be somewhat industrialized with several Final Build Construction and SpandEx facilities on the edges of the town. A large container shipping facility and the dilapidated Red County Truck Terminal lies to the south, subliminally highlighting the town’s once prominent role as a transport hub for the county. Several unnamed warehouses dominate a good portion of the southeastern side of town, effectively confining residences to the central and northeastern parts of town.


Blueberry is the subject of many myths and conspiracy theories, primarily relating to the Epsilon Program.

The town is shrouded in an unsolved mystery players have termed The Blueberry Mystery, a peculiar phenomenon affecting areas in and around the town. The Red County Truck Terminal, a large nearby cliff face of The Panopticon and the barns and fields of the Blueberry Acres Farm are all bathed in an odd blue light at night. Myth hunters were quick to draw connections between the blue lights and the similar phenomena found at the Cult Farm.

The town is home to at least two confirmed Epsilon Program Members. Jonas Ackerman, as mentioned on the Epsilon Program website, and an unknown member named Rick, who calls in to Marvin Trill's Area 53 radio show on the WCTR station and openly admits his beliefs to Marvin, himself an Epsilonist.

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  • By road, Blueberry is the closest civilized settlement to the Epsilon Cult Farm.


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