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For Blue Hell Portals in other GTA games, see Blue Hell.

Blue Hell Portals are the entrances to Blue Hell in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City


  • If, when playing the PS2 version, your PS2 is unable to load or have problems loading, the ground might not be loaded and you will fall into Blue Hell and spawn on land a few seconds later. Alternatively, the ground may become untextured and the game will freeze.
  • If you use the Rhino's turret combined with the flying cars cheat and you somehow reach the top of buildings past the game's height limit, you may see a large hole instead of a roof. This acts as an entrance to Blue Hell.
  • During the mission Bombs Away!, when the "Seaways" code is activated and the RC Plane gets under the pier, it will enter the Blue Hell.
  • A Blue Hell is also located besides Cafe Robina, it can only be accessed by using an Angel.
  • If the player performs a specific stunt in Downtown and falls into Howlin' Petes Biker Emporium, he will access the Blue Hell.
  • Sprinting against the crates at Vice Port causes the player to fall into the Blue Hell.
  • In the Android version, if the players walks near the slopes in the parking lot of VCPD at Washington Beach, he will fall into the Blue Hell.