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For Blue Hell Portals in other GTA games, see Blue Hell.

Blue Hell Portals are the entrances to Blue Hell in Grand Theft Auto V.


  • Jumping onto a train car and then falling in between two cars while the train is in motion can sometimes cause the player to be popped into Blue Hell for a few seconds.
  • If the player jumps onto an opening gate while it is in the "opening" animation, he can get pushed into Blue Hell.
  • If the player goes into an alleyway around Rockford Hills there will be a metal door yet the player can climb and fall into blue hell.
  • In the construction site where a new skyscraper is being built where a gang attack is located, the player can climb a red crane that goes to a top section, where red things are, the player can walk to the corner where there is a girder not attached to the concrete. The player can fall onto the next floor, where other players cannot kill them. If the player wonders around to a certain area, the player will step down to the under the floor and rarely fall into blue hell.
  • Spawning into Blue Hell is also common in GTA Online. If a player is located near the coast line when entering a job, he/she might spawn into Blue Hell upon immediately exiting the job to return to their last location. Upon doing so, he/she might find themselves swimming in portions of the ocean that extend below the playable world.
  • If a player in a tank drives up to another player's garage door and holds it closed, or waits for the vehicle to spawn and the tank drives over the vehicle driving out, the player's personal vehicle will explode and the player may be ejected into blue hell.