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The Blue Chapel is a church and a lesser-known mythical location in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


The Blue Chapel is a small, processional chapel located in northern Las Venturas, directly across from the Las Venturas Police Department and next to a conveniently located Discount Wedding store.

A bouquet of flowers is located outside the front of the store and a sniper rifle can be found on the roof of the church behind the steeple, with a jump ramp found at the rear of the premises.

The Chapel is thought to be linked with the Epsilon Program with players theorizing the cult may own or even operate on the premises, due to a strange blue glow appearing on the chapel at night, similar to the Blueberry Bridge. However, no evidence linking the cult to the chapel has yet been discovered.

It is possible Rockstar included the church and the aptly named Discount Wedding store to parody the real-life phenomena seen in Las Vegas, the city Las Venturas is based on, where eager couples get married at a moment's notice. This, however, does not explain the blue light for which the church is named after.

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