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The Bloody Bedroom is a mythical location in Grand Theft Auto IV.


The Apartment, in which the bedroom is located, is owned by Theodore "Teddy" Benavidez and is the only enter-able apartment located in Westminster Towers, Northwood. The apartment makes an appearance in the mission A Long Way To Fall, in which the protagonist is instructed by Ray Boccino, to raid the building and kill Teddy Benavidez, who lives there.

Upon entering the bedroom, the blood stain on the bed can be spotted. Some players think that Teddy has killed someone inside the bedroom, which could also be one of the reasons he went to prison. The Westminster Towers are notorious for being one of the most violent and drug-infested housing projects in Liberty City. Some players think that it might be a reference to a scene in the movie The Godfather, which involved horse head in a bed.

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GTA IV - Myth Hunters - Case 7 Bloody Bedroom

GTA IV - Myth Hunters - Case 7 Bloody Bedroom

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