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The Blood Killer is a mythical character, linked to a glitch, in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


The Blood Killer is sighted in a flamingo colored apartment in Washington Beach. This flamingo colored apartment has no particular name in the game, but it is based on a similar apartment in Siesta Key, Florida.

The killer is reported to furiously make circles around in the apartment, running from the sight of the player and attacking them from behind. At times, the killer gets appears from some distance. The Blood Killer is said to be thin and wears a black jacket with a dagger in hand.

Ironically, the apartment is near Apartment 3C, being segregated by some fences. The red patches found on the apartment might be mistaken for blood.

A strange glitch occurs in the apartment, linked to the killer. Some pedestrians might walk into the gate, which has a small opening, making it difficult for the pedestrians to get out of the apartment area, and after some walk in the apartment, the pedestrians disappear due to fixed programming. However, according to myth hunters, their disappearance is related to the killer.