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For the myth in GTA IV, see Blood House (GTA IV).

The Blood House is a nascent myth in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


The myth began after a detailed investigation in the IMG files of the game. A particular file was discovered among the Prawn Island industrial area files, which include Abandoned Spanish Cafe, Prawn Island Alleyway, Milligan Hotel, and a few others. This file, named "hut256," includes a texture, which shows a door with its lower part broken. The mysterious fact about this door is that the lower part of the door, lying on the floor, has blood splattered on it and the upper part of the door, which is still intact, is sprayed with a crucifix-like graffiti. There is a rumor that a massacre occurred in the house, which was the reason for its deletion. A skeptic analysis says that the blood and crucifix are mere spray graffiti done by most likely the Sharks.


The myth was debunked as the texture was discovered to be a door of a secondary building of the Haunted Haitian Drug Factory. A reasonable explanation would be that the doors are bloodied because Haitians illegally occupied the building, thus causing bloodshed and destruction.