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For a similar myth in GTA V, see Mount Gordo Numbers Station.

The Blaine County numbers station is a possible myth in Grand Theft Auto V. According to many player reports, while driving through any part of Blaine County late at night, but especially on the border of Los Santos, one will hear Blaine County Talk Radio abruptly turn to static, followed by a robotic female voice reciting random strings of the number in monotone. Players report that while driving as Trevor, military chatter can be heard about his past as a Canadian Air Force pilot.

Number stations can also be heard while in the sea in the north.


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A numbers station is a type of shortwave radio station characterized by unusual broadcasts, reading out lists of numbers, or incomprehensible Morse code messages. The voices are often created by speech synthesis and are transmitted in a wide variety of languages. The voices are usually female, although sometimes men's voices are used. Some voices are synthesized and created by machines, however, some stations used to have live readers.


The Number Station usually appears in Blaine County, particularly on the border of Los Santos County (where Blaine County Talk Radio automatically switches into WCTR). It also appears while flying or sailing out to sea in the far north of San Andreas off the coast of Blaine County. All reports place the event after 23:00, feature white noise lasting longer than usual and describe a monotonic machine female voice listing off seemingly random strings of numbers under a soft static. The last string of numbers is always '6669', a mixture of the number of the beast and Rockstar's tradition of using the sexual number, 69. Some players report hearing a Microsoft Sam voice listing off numbers and letters.

Its purpose is completely unknown, and it doesn't seem to relate to any part of the game. No one knows where it originates, though some speculate it may be from Aliens or the FIB Satellite Dishes.

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