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The Blaine County Motel is an abandoned motel and a mythical location located in Sandy Shores, Blaine County in Grand Theft Auto V in a derelict area of the town.


The Blaine County Motel is a large motel, appearing to have been abandoned long before the events of GTA V. Several of the rooms of the motel are accessible, but most of them contain boarded-up doors and windows. The entire motel is completely gutted and void of any appliances or furniture. A small empty pool is situated behind the motel, and there is much debris and trash strewn around the location. During the daytime, bums and drug addicts tend to spawn around the motel. The motel is used in the first mission for Cletus.


There are many speculations involving the Blaine County motel, some claiming that a ghost roams the ruins of the structure. Inside the motel, strange sounds can sometimes be heard, such as knocking or scraping noises whose sources cannot be verified. Noises that sound like a dinosaur's roar, baby crying, and a bottle breaking can be heard. None have been fully proven yet, but during some video investigations, strange sounds can be heard around the building.

A letter scrap for the Leonora Johnson side mission can be found in the pool.

YouTube myth hunter DaviDustin visited the abandoned motel in one of his videos in order to prove that clowns exist outside of Trevor's Grass Roots mission. He eventually stumbles upon a clown dressed in green holding a machete. He shoots and kills the clown upon seeing turn around as if it were preparing to attack him. DaviDustin also notes that there was a glitch with the blood textures on the clown's body.


Most of the sounds that the player could hear are really just nearby animals. For example, in DarkMythHunter's video investigation, he points out that he can hear something, what sounds like a pig. This is actually a boar, one of the new animals implemented into the game by Rockstar.

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