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The Blackfield Chapel is a mythical location in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


The Blackfield Chapel is a large cathedral, large enough to be considered it's own city district, in the southernmost parts of the Blackfield district of Las Venturas. The building is a parody of the Guardian Angel Cathedral in Las Vegas, even though the church wasn't granted cathedral status until 1995. The church is constructed in the shape of a triangular prism using an A-frame design. At both ends of the building are giant blue triangles.

The church is connected to many in-game myths, primarily the Epsilon Program.


Epsilon Program

The Blackfield Chapel was initially linked to the Epsilon Program because of it's association with the color blue, and the blue motifs around the cathedral. Fan rumors claim that the chapel is one of the locations where the player can encounter cult members in their religious service. Various fake images have arisen on the internet, showing groups of pedestrians standing outside the building, and some include a scene in which CJ enters the church and sees an Epsilonist meeting. However, the chapel does not have it's own interior in the game.

Rusty Wheelchair

The sign texture outside the chapel is actually used as the source for one of the Rusty Wheelchair's wheel textures. Other than this, it's unknown as to how the two areas are related.


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