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The Black Pony is an unorthodox vehicle in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, subject to myths.


The Black Pony is a rare alternative version of the Pony van in GTA Vice City. A black Pony is only seen during the mission Loose Ends which takes place in the Ice Cream Factory's storage ground, this fact has made it a subject of a peculiar myth in the game known as Pogo the Clown. Killer Clowns are usually sighted with vans of unique variants such as the likes of Black Pony. It is conceived that the Black Pony is used by Pogo the Clown or any conceivable clown in the game since it's location is right behind the Ice Cream Factory, an infamous location linked to clown origins in the game. However, the myth is unlikely since the Black Pony is only used by the mob that was instructed to be eliminated by Tommy Vercetti, as a favor to Mr. Black. In addition to the clown myth, due to the rarity of Black Pony many players might create hoaxes, claiming to sight Black Pony, which is only possible either during the mission or with the help of the black traffic cheat code.


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