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The Black Market Doctor, simply known as The Doctor in-game, is a minor character encountered by Niko in Grand Theft Auto IV.


The Doctor receives dead bodies, removes the organs, and then sells them to the black market. The base of his operation is assumed to be in a back alley off of Dukes Boulevard in East Island City, Dukes, as that is where Niko drops off the bodies of Manny Escuela and Jay Hamilton, who were both killed by Elizabeta Torres during the mission Have a Heart. The Doctor stated that eyes were getting expensive, and was displeased to see that Jay was shot in the eye.

Mission Appearances

  • Have a Heart


  • After the mission Have a Heart, the Doctor is not seen, however, there is a possibility, that he spawns somewhere in the game since he is designed in the typical pedestrian format.
  • He could possibly be related to the Human Organs myth from GTA Vice City.


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