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Bite is an x-rated movie in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, passably a subject to numerous retro myths.


Bite is influenced from Steven Spielberg's Jaws, released in 1975, which went on to become a mega commercial success and a cult movie series. Similar to Jaws, Bite features Giant Sharks, only in a much more obscene and bizarre manner.


Bite came into production in 1986. However, post production, director Steve Scott was facing various obstacles including lack of star cast, financing, and threats from the production house, that relatively shadowed the fate of the movie. Post the Vercetti takeover in the city, Tommy purchased the InterGlobal Studios and took the liability to fund Steves' projects and illegally support him, at times. Tommy Vercetti roped Candy Suxxx for the movie, cementing the release of the movie. During the making, Tommy Vercetti was stumped by the inclusion of Giant Sharks in the movie and ordered to remove them from the sets, momentarily. These Giant Shark props were later restored. The inclusion of Giant Sharks, made the movie to score a colossal net profit than initial expectations.


The promotional events of the movie were rather shady and illegal but Tommy Vercetti secured to advertise it around the city. Distributing flyers in the mission, Dildo Dodo and creating a promotional spotlight in Downtown without any legal approval, in the mission, G-Spotlight. These promotions aided the movie to gain a massive pre-release fan following in Vice City and hyped the status of Steve Scott, making him a millionaire after it's blockbuster release.


One of the scenes were revealed by Steve Scott during the cutscenes. The film supposedly featured the cargo/navy ship named 4370, in the studio wing A and outside it, which was used during the scene The Deeper the sea, the brave the man. The scene stated that several fishermen were to be wondering about Candy Suxxx, when a Giant Shark attacks them out of nowhere. Over the years, this featured Giant Shark has gained recognition among myth hunters and is a hot myth subject in the game, rumored to appear around the city. However, only place the prop can be found is in wing D of the studios.


A bizarre relation is also derived that the movie was to featured a sunken reefer, much like the Orca from the Jaws series. Astonishingly, a sunken reefer can be found under the bridge, at the rear of the studios. It is entirely possible that this reefer is effectuated as a prop in the movie. However, the contradiction lies due to the sequels, the Orca wasn't demolished in Jaws (1975). While, it appeared to be destructed/sunken in the sequel, Jaws 2, which was released after GTA Vice City takes place. This is most likely an anachronism on Rockstar's part.