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Bio Engineering is a mythical location in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


Bio Engineering is a company that specializes in genealogy, and is involved in bio-engineering, just as the company's name implies. The only building known to be owned by the company is found in Montgomery, across the street from the Hell House in the center of town. The building is not particularly noteworthy, only consisting of a standard looking warehouse with four large garage doors, implying that the location is a frequent stop for truckers. Additionally, Bio Engineering is a sponsor for the Las Venturas Bandits baseball team, with their logo being found inside the Bandits' stadium. Bio Engineering has been linked to several other myths in the game.

Bio Engineering has primarily been linked with the Biowell, another strange location in Montgomery. The Biowell is an abandoned structure hidden away within an alleyway that is walled off, with warnings about bio-hazardous waste. Some theorists propose that Bio Engineering is responsible for dumping genetic material into the well. Another theory goes further and says that the company is responsible for water pollution across San Andreas, evidenced by the abandonment of the Biowell.

Other myth hunters have connected Bio Engineering to Zombotech, a zombie research facility in San Fierro. Players theorize that both businesses could take part in creating Zombies. The slogans of both companies admit to shady behavior:

Getting OUR hands in YOUR genes!