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Biker Gangs are a proven myth in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


Motorcycle convoys can occasionally be encountered when driving on the streets of San Andreas. First thought of as a glitch, further investigation of the game's code shows that the biker gangs are an intended feature in the game.[1]

The gang can spawn with a size ranging from two to five members, but four members is the most common. The gang shares the same pedestrian model for all of its members, though which skin is selected is randomized and based on which area the player is in. They also all use the same type of vehicle, but this is chosen with a random roll rather than any nearby vehicles. The gang drives very aggressively and will pass all other cars on the road and ignore traffic lights.

Biker gangs only spawn under certain conditions, making them an uncommon sight. When an aggressive driver spawns on a motorcycle, there is a small chance that the game will instead form a convoy based on that driver. Using a cheat to increase the spawn rate of aggressive drivers will make more biker gangs spawn. There is an override that makes the bikers not spawn during the riots, whether through story progress or cheats.[1]

The biker gangs have been of interest to myth hunters since they were first reported. Many initial forum threads about the gangs were dismissed as a glitch or unintended consequence of modding. Other myth hunters theorize that the bike convoy may be connected to other myths in the game.[2] In Los Santos, it's very common for the gangs to spawn with the MALE01 skin.