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For the myth, see Big Smoke's Ghost.

Big Smoke is a character appearing in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


During the storyline, Big Smoke is compelled to convey certain prophetic sayings to the listener, making him similar in nature to the Preachers. Some of these quotes include:

  • " We are blessed, AND cursed."
  • " As the book says: there is one time to have a good laugh, and one time to blubber. "
  • " If you can eat your food, while everybody loses theirs, you straight, homie!"
  • " The big round of the bastards. As it is said in the book: The world runs like that. “
  • "True strength comes from within"
  • " People must open their eyes, and their heart"
  • " Sometimes we think we have the choice but we didn’t have it. “
  • " Everybody is my cousin. “
  • " Eh yo, don't ask a wise man, ask a fool. “

These quotes are likely to be extracted from the Bible. A certain thesis presents this as an Epsilonist idea and it may be related to the tract. Indeed, Smoke's claim of "everyone is my cousin" may relate to the fifth tract of the Epsilon Program: "Everyone is related to everyone else, except people with red hair - FACT!" However, Smoke's heavy drug use eradicates any possibility of him being a religious man. A small group of myth hunters believe that he was associated with the Church of Satan and may be a Satanist himself, acting as a false prophet. On the GTA San Andreas website, Big Smoke is described as having delusions of grandeur and believing himself to be the ruler of the universe.


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