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For the myth in GTA SA, see Bermuda Triangle (GTA SA).
For the myth in GTA V, see Bermuda Triangle (GTA V).

The Bermuda Triangle is a retro myth in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


The myth began sometime in 2003 on online forums. Vice City is based on Miami, one of the three vertices which makes up the Bermuda Triangle. The city is frequently hit by prodigious hurricanes and thunderstorms.

Moreover, the existence of Green Clouds, Ghost Ships, and Sunken Ships have also been interlinked to the myth. If the player flies against the Invisible Barriers, they lose control of the helicopter, eventually sinking it.

However, the existence of an overall Bermuda Triangle hasn't been demonstrated and lacks any genuine evidence. A user named Bermuda Triangle from Vice City comments on the forums at on the in-game internet in Grand Theft Auto IV.